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About The Recovering Workaholic

Why The Recovering Workaholic?

Agencies were once esteemed partners, architects of brand identity, and cultural influencers. However, the digital age disrupted their status. Despite this shift, we firmly believe that agencies remain vital for business success, offering expertise, strategic insights, and fresh perspectives.

The Recovering Workaholic’s mission is to support agencies in building sustainable success through developing effective leadership, recognizing that reclaiming a seat at the client’s table starts at the top.

Great leaders don’t emerge by chance, and many in their current roles may lack the comprehensive tools needed to succeed. Our goal is to equip senior and next-gen agency leaders with the key functional and relational skills they need to do well and thrive.

In an industry grappling with an expanding talent drain caused by frustration, burnout, and fatigue, investing in leadership is not only critical but also serves as a positive signal to attract (and keep) the right talent. Building a team of outstanding leaders provides a competitive advantage that is difficult to surpass.

Why Work with Us?

We are agency/marketing veterans with 50+ years of leadership and management experience in key Asian markets and the US:

  • Extensive Experience in Agency Transformation
    We have been in their shoes. We’ve successfully turned around sinking agencies, steered teams through extremely tough times, and restored critical client relationships.
  • Actively Mentoring Future Agency Leaders
    We have played a pivotal role shaping current Managing Directors in network agency roles.
  • Established Healthy Organizational and Team Cultures
    We have consistently created great places to work, with demonstrable improvement in agency morale and reduction in staff turnover.
  • Proven Track Record in Account Leadership
    We have built top-tier account teams that consistently excelled in delivering on client satisfaction and revenue growth for MNC and large local accounts.

Who We Are


Beginning my career in advertising during the dynamic 1980s, I have had the privilege of working across Asia’s most vibrant markets and Silicon Valley. Throughout my journey, I’ve successfully transformed struggling agencies in different countries, devised and executed plans for sustainable organizations, cultivated highly effective teams, and mentored leaders.

My particular passion lies in coaching confident leaders capable of driving not only business success but also fostering the well-being of thriving teams. At The Recovering Workaholic, my mission is to assist leaders and agencies in building resilient and respected agencies. I achieve this by optimizing various aspects such as business planning, operations, finance, succession planning, and by mentoring the next generation of leadership.

Expertise: executive leadership, agency operations, talent management, brand management, integrated marketing, integrated communications

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The Recovering Workaholic - Rayne Chow

“Rayne is an agency guru with a proven track record of revitalizing and expanding some of Asia's leading agencies. Her vast experience and finance background allow her to swiftly identify issues, prioritize them, and offer practical solutions - especially important when the chips are down and the house is on fire!.”

Sharon Ho, Digitas China

The Recovering Workaholic - Joanne Goh


Coming out to work just after the 1997 Asian Economic Crisis, jobs were scarce. Despite having no IT knowledge, my first job saw me selling web site design services. This turned out to be my inroad into all things digital. I ‘ve gone on to product management, regional/global digital project management, boutique and international agency leadership and technology marketing. My experience spans startup, SME, and MNC environments.

At The Recovering Workaholic (and as a recovering workaholic), I focus on two main areas: Firstly, I assist leaders in cultivating healthy self-leadership, exploring how to manage both personal well-being and the demands of leading others. Secondly, I support leaders in building healthy work cultures and high-performing teams. Drawing from my diverse experiences, I’ve learnt what it takes to create an environment for a group to become a team, for people to step up and play for each other through the toughest and most painful times.

Expertise: leadership, culture, talent management, account management, brand management, integrated marketing, digital marketing

‍Connect with me:

"Joanne has the rare ability to generate an almost agency-wide ikigai where talents find renewed reason for being. Her experience will assist agency leaders who want to build healthier, more nurturing workplaces and attract talent in a marketplace burdened by brain drain, attrition and overwork."

Fathrul Fazakir, McCann Worldgroup Singapore